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NFL Football and Mini-Helmet Cases

  • Archival Safe
  • Made in the USA
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Football Case 5 Year UV: $29.95

Football Case without UV Protection: $27.95

Mini Helmet Case 5 Year UV: $15.95

Our football holder holds one NFL Football. The particular football holder has two equal u-shaped pieces that slide together to form a precision fit. It features a ring on each side to keep the football autograph front and centered. You can stack this football holder vertically or horizontally.

Our mini-helmet holder holds the Riddell Mini NFL Football Helmets and the Schutt Collegiate Mini Football Helmets. Our mini-helmet holder features a black base that really makes the mini helmet stand out. The mini-helmet holder has a stacking feature on the top and bottom of the case the allows you to stack them very high. The bottom and top piece snap together with a tight precision fit.

Item Name Description Thumbnail
PCFootball More Info.. Football Square NFL Football Holder
PCMiniHelmet More Info.. Mini Football Helmet NFL Mini Helmet Holder

Question: Will this product hold the mini hockey helmets or baseball helmets?

Answer: Unfortunately it's too small for those two items and we do not have any plans to come out with a bigger holder to hold those items.

Question: Will this football holder hold any other football besides an NFL Football?

Answer: This football holder will only hold NFL Footballs or footballs exactly equal in size, or smaller, to an NFL Football.

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